Sale of construction machinery

The sale of construction machinery

Our company provides the sale of used construction machinery from popular and reliable manufacturers, from companies like Komatsu, Caterpillar, Liebherr, Hitachi, Bomag, Amman and others. Every machine is thoroughly checked and reviewed. We guarantee high quality machines for an affordable price.

Our customers are also offered professional advice and technical support. The construction machinery is high quality and before the sale is reviewed to eliminate possible flaws. We are a professional company, where our workers are not only highly qualified, but they have a passion for this industry. We regularly repair and restore our machines, so that we can guarantee efficient equipment.

The machinery is the same quality and efficiency as the new models. We provide the transport to the customer. We have experience in transporting such items. We also make sure that the usage, specifications of the machine or required check-ups are clear to the customer, as well as the permission or licenses the might be needed. We know that some of that information might come as a surprise to the customer.

We ensure quality advice in the choosing process, we try to answer every question and get rid of any doubts there might be. We encourage contacting us, so our crew can prepare the offer that suits your needs. If there is a machine with special characteristics that you need, our staff will surely find it, just for you!

The sale of road aggregates

The use of road surfaces is commonly considered environment friendly, because asphalt is a natural substance. It also lowers the need for mining excessive amounts of aggregate. Unfortunately, the days when you could get free road cleaning service is over. The local authorities focused on recycling surfaces for new asphalt. Koptech offers the sale of road aggregates, which is used in many construction projects in Poland.

Our aggregates have variety of applications, in our own projects as well as in works of other contrators in the industry. We provide materials that fit the standards and specifications of owners all over the country.

What do we do?

In our workplace we produce the aggregates from the high quality raw materials. We bring the materials from quarries and excavations in the country. Our customers are contractors that work in construction, paving and gardening industry, as well as local developers and authorities. Our aggregates available for sale are:

  • Concrete materials
  • Crushed asphalt
  • Cleaned limestone
  • Limestone screenings
  • Sand
  • Grinded asphalt
  • And others.

How do we do it?

Koptech has come up with strong chain of supplies of the aggregates, that we produce or buy in different quantities, to meet our customer’s needs.