Earthworks, construction works

The primary activity of our company is providing earthwork operations, roadworks, demolition works and renting roadwork equipment. We also provide non-normative transport. Koptech Company carries out investments related to road construction.

We offer execution of construction and renovation works concerning areas of road constructions for public institution’s projects and for private customers. We possess specialized construction equipment, which allows us to provide construction work in all conditions, while maintaining the highest standard of our service.

Construction equipment we own, for our customer’s use:

  • CATERPILLAR backhoe loader
  • HITACHI, LIEBHERR wheeled excavators
  • LIEBHERR 900ZW two-way track excavators
  • HITACHI, LIEBHERR tracked excavators with bucket capacity of 1,5 m3 and 2,0 m3
  • KOMASU loaders with bucket capacity of 4 m3
  • LIEBHERR 566 loaders with bucket capacity of 4,5 m3
  • BOMAG 213 vibratory roller, 14 tons, smooth, steel
  • BOMAG 213 vibratory roller, 14 tons, sheepsfoot, steel
  • AMMAN rubber tyre roller
  • CAT D5, KOMATSU crawler dozers
  • CAT D6 LGP crawler dozers
  • NEW HOLLAND, 0&K wheel levellers
  • LIEBHERR wheel excavators
  • LIEBHERR crawler excavators
  • MERCEDES, MAN dump trucks 4-axle (8x8 8x6)
  • Demolition hammer for wheel excavators
  • Demolition hammer for backhoe loaders


Before the actual construction works can begin, it is necessary to prepare the ground, on which the works will take place. These preparations are called earthwork. Earthworks can be either primary or additional in construction works, both in land or water engineering construction. The purpose of earthworks is ground excavation, moving and moulding the ground. It is first and very important step of every construction.

Earthworks are executed according to requirements and regulations of the particular project. Some of the activities performed are:

  • Detaching soil form the ground
  • Excavation and moving the ground
  • Moving, covering and compaction of excavated material
  • Loading and unloading extracted ground

Earthworks can be:

  • Linear – involving roads, railroad or pipelines
  • Surface – airports or city squares
  • Ground excavation – foundations or underground parts

We can distinguish 3 steps of earthworks:

  • cleaning: removal of plants, loosening the soil, draining the waste water,
  • basic: levelling, ditches, roads
  • finishing: they take place at the end of the construction

We also offer roadworks:

cutting, topping up, roadside levelling, digging, desludging of drainage ditches, extensions of existing roads, construction of municipal and housing estate roads, construction of new roads from mineral and broken aggregate, earthworks - road maintenance during winter, supply of sand and road aggregate

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