Nonnormative transport

In nonnormative transport we use state of the art equipment. Our drivers and forwarders are highly qualified. Combining these two elements, we can provide quick and safe transport and every customer can count on the most professional service.

This kind of transport requires suitable approach, planning and relevant experience. Our experienced workers have high qualifications, that confirmed with diplomas and certificates. They plan out every detail. They can help you acquire needed permits for every step of the transport. Over the years, we gain a lot of experience and abilities in this area. We are focused on providing safe, reliable and quick transport.

Oversize transport, handling oversize load

We analyse every oversize transport individually. The type of the product, its size, mass and other specifications are taken into consideration when planning and organizing the service. We choose the most fitting vehicle for transported product. Sometimes, oversize transport can be complicated, but thanks to many years on the job, our knowledge and competences, we are able to handle even the most complicated order.

Our workers have required permits to pilot the nonnormative transport, despite the type of the products. We follow the regulations from Minister of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy and his ordinance from May 23rd 2012. Because of that every customer can be sure, that we will manage all formal matters.

We provide complex service for individual customers and for companies. Our services cover the transport of different types of equipment, for example tractors, steel structures or production lines, as well as agricultural, construction or industrial machines etc. We encourage you to contact us to hear the details of the service.

Transport skrzyń oraz ładunków ciężkich
Transport materiałów sypkich