We offer the service of oversize and low loader transportation across the country. Thanks to many years of experience in the transport of construction equipment and other unusual loads, we guarantee the most professional service. We provide complex service in specialized transport and obtaining permits for nonnormative transport. We possess ministerial derogations and permanent permits.

We handle complex work in loading and unloading carriages and in transportation. Our experienced crew and specialized equipment, we can guarantee safety, no delays and great precision in the services we provide.

Thanks to our experience we are capable of transporting:

  • Construction, industrial and agricultural machinery
  • Transformers, steel and concrete structures
  • Yachts and boats
  • Military equipment
  • Silos and tank

And other unusual loads.

We offer:

  • nonnormative, low loader, heavy transport
  • transport pilotage with your own vehicles
  • attractive prices
  • no waiting for the service

We use specialized sets, such as:

  • tiefbett,
  • semi,
  • telesattele, telemegi,
  • platforms.

We work according to all regulations, that are required.
We also offer transport of granular materials, most common are:

  • sand
  • crushed stone
  • aggregates
  • bitumen
  • lime
  • and others