Transport of construction, industrial and agricultural machinery

Construction machinery trasport

Efficient earthworks depends on many factors. The most basic factor is quick and reliable transport of construction equipment. Construction works with the use of heavy equipment require planning, because of their size and weight.

We offer our services at every step of the transport. We provide the help in preparations; obtaining the permits, planning the optimal route, choosing the best vehicle which makes the whole process quick, effective and problem-free. We take equipment’s specifications and the customer’s needs into consideration, which is why we are able to provide the transport of:

  • excavators
  • rollers
  • pile drivers
  • crushers
  • bulldozers
  • nonnormative and low loader machines
  • cranes, jacks, mobile platforms

We are aware how important in construction works is time. Delays may have negative consequences, which is why we provide on-time service, while following all safety regulations.

Industrial equipment transport

The transport of industrial machines happens after the are secured. It is one of the most important criteria to meet. It prevents the damage of the machines. Among the machines that we successfully transported are:

  • lathes
  • milling machines
  • grinders
  • injection moulding machines
  • benders
  • crushers
  • production lines
  • presses
  • guillotines

We are eager to take up new challenges. We own specialized vehicles and tools and thanks to them we are able to provide the transport of machines in all sizes, shapes, types and brands. We put safety first and at the same time we are focused on efficient and quick service.

We own specialized set of vehicles. Different kinds of semi-truck trailer available allow us to select the vehicles that are most fitting for transported equipment. We can even transport very long elements.

We offer the transport of industrial machines all over the country. We load the vehicles at the chosen location and unload after arriving at the destination. Every customer is treated individually and we always provide professional service. We encourage you to contact us about our high quality work.

Agricultural machines transport

In Poland, many farms engage in cattle breeding and growing crops. They need the possibility of transporting the machines, that will be safe and not expensive. We helped a lot of people in moving agricultural machines or their parts. We offer the transport of:

  • combine harvester, tractors
  • tillers
  • mowers and mower-shredders
  • loaders
  • multi-functional and agricultural trailers
  • threshers
  • sprayers
  • and more.

The transport of agricultural vehicles and machines is often a challenge. It requires planning the route and setting up the whole transport. Which is why we encourage you to contact us earlier, so we can guarantee efficient transport. We are very focused on providing the most professional service, so the customer can expect the equipment at the chosen location on time.

We offer assistance in every step of the transport. We are able to provide help in executing legal obligations and also in preparing the transport. It has to be planned according to the specifications of the equipment. The machine has to be secured properly, so it is not damaged during the transport. Thanks to reliable and professional transport we are able to guarantee customer’s satisfaction.

We can match a vehicle to the equipment that will be transported, we can choose a convenient date and we can offer the best price. We are able to do it, thanks to our specialized equipment. That can guarantee the highest quality of the service.

Construction machinery trasport
Agricultural machines transport
Transport maszyn leśnych
Transport maszyn drogowych