Demolition and dismantling works are used to remove construction object or its parts. People who are not familiar with the business often use these two terms interchangeably, but it’s not that simple. Dismantling allows to preserve valuable parts of the building, whereas demolition allows getting rid of whole object. To get the work done quickly and properly, it is necessary to hire qualified workers, who have heavy, specialized equipment.

In demolition works, the most common objects are buildings, walls, chimneys, water towers or balconies. Before the demolition of building, it is important to shut off all installations. In dismantiling works, it is usually required to get official documentation. Most common object to dismantle are houses, farm buildings, barns, warehouses, gazeboes, industrial buildings or viaducts. Administrative formalities depend on location and the size of the objects.

Demolition and dismantling require preparation. While planning these kinds of work, it is necessary to get the paperwork, choose the best equipment and the crew, that oversee the whole process. After the work is done, there has to be a plan for waste disposal. You should also think about, which parts or materials are good to reuse. The cost of these works depends on the size and the state od the object and its characteristics, for example the thickness of the walls or the type of the roof.

It is important to remember the safety of carrying out such works. If the safety rules are not followed, the consequences could be tragic. But, if the work is planned thoroughly and the crew is professional, customers should not worry.