Transport of steel structures

Steel structures are a primary element in building industrial halls, warehouses or commercial spaces. Their advantage is light weight and easy installation. The can save money and time. Important parts of steel structures are:

  • load-bearing elements of ceilings and bridges
  • wall girders
  • plinth foundations
  • lintels
  • pillars
  • sheet metal frames

The transport of steel structures is commonly done by standard semi-trailers. Especially if the size of the elements allow them to be transported in a tarpaulin or with the use of platforms. By analyzing the specifics of the load and its technical drawings, we select the most fitting type of transport. By paying attention to the details, we can carry out the transport of steel structures with no problems. The size of every element is very important, if the structure is too big to fit into the platform, we offer nonnormative, oversize transport.

Unloading of such structures is easier, thanks to today’s technology. We use gantries or crane. It shortens the time and energy spent on unloading. Even though it is the easiest step, we put a lot of attention to ensure that the structure can be unloaded.

It is important to us to meet the deadlines and keep the standard of the service at a high level. We make effort to provide quick and problem-free transport. It is why we offer our services and advice even before the production of the structures.

If needed, we make use of innovative solutions to keep the cost low. We try to optimize the transport of steel structures so it suits your need completely.

Transport of steel structures
Transport konstrukcji farm wiatrowych