Low loader transport

Low loader transport is a very demanding service. It allows the moving of big equipment like excavators, concrete mixers or agricultural machines. Commonly, our customers are companies in construction or metallurgical industry.

Specialized low loader transport is very important, as it is used for various equipment or vehicles. The logistics often requires action in multiple areas. This type of transport depends on many legal conditions, which is why only professional companies can manage it.

Non-standard transport cannot happen without required permits and without trained staff. As a part of our service, we offer support on every step. Especially, in carrying out formal matters, that happen before the actual transport. Thanks to that abilities, we can guarantee high quality, quick and safe transport.

Semi-trailers have many applications, but are most commonly used in oversized transport, as the standard trailers are not capable of that service. Using our specialized semi-trailers, we are able to transport products that are up to 3,66 m long and weigh 36 tons.

We offer professional service in international and domestic transport of standard and non-standard products. We carry out low loader transport, with the usage of tiefbett low loaders. We can transport agricultural, construction or industrial machines, as well as, forestry and wood processing machines.

Low loader transport